Rumor: Dragon Ball FighterZ season 3 teased, Tournament of Power could be added

Dragon Ball FighterZ season 3 may have been teased in data mined content found by players, with a hidden dramatic finish alluding to DLC in the near future. It has also left fans convinced that a Tournament of Power stage will be added to the game.

The data mined content reportedly features a dramatic finish of Goku and Frieza vs. Jiren, a dramatic moment that took place in the final episode of Dragon Ball Super.

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The finish can be viewed below:

The scene it emulates can be watched here:

The Tournament of Power stage featured in the tweet is a mod, though the animations are reportedly legitimate. This has led to many speculation that new fighters related to the ToP could be added, such as Kefla and UI Goku.

Dragon Ball FighterZ season 3has yet to be confirmed by developer Arc System Works, though this data mined content suggests that more information should surface sooner rather than later.

(H/T ResetEra)