Apex Legends Easter egg finally uncovered on firing range

A longstanding Apex Legends Easter egg — hinted at by the developers but never officially revealed — has now been discovered after a team of dedicated gamers figured out a necessary sequence to activate at the firing range. What’s more, this Easter egg might be a hint at Apex Legends PVE.

A submission to the /r/apexlegends subreddit that is simply titled “EE Firing Range” contains a video that seems pretty innocuous at its face. The player runs around, grabs a few items, heads into a cave, and then runs back outside. What’s surprising is that the firing range’s training dummies have come to live and began shooting at the player!

Apex Legends Easter Egg Firing Range doorway

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Details on how to activate this Apex Legends Easter egg were contained in a similar submission on the /r/ApexLore subreddit:

  1. Select your character and enter the firing range. (Pathfinder might be the best choice to start.)
  2. Drop your starting weapon.
  3. Pick up the blue shield and 4 boxes of energy ammo. *
  4. Head uphill to the far-right cave. Go inside, climb on top of the rafters, and face the exit.
  5. Crouch, look down, and change your character.
  6. If done successfully, you should hear a sound. Once you run back downhill, you should see NPC training dummies attacking you.

The discovery of the Apex Legends Easter egg on the firing range was acknowledged by one of the developers on Twitter.

So, what’s the significance of this Easter egg? Nothing is outright stated, but several users have pointed out that this is a demonstration of functional hostile A.I. attacking the player. It shouldn’t come as a particular surprise considering that the game runs on the same engine as the Titanfall games and those titles have hostile A.I., but it’s the first time that we’re seeing it in Apex Legends.

Could this Apex Legends Easter egg be a hint towards an upcoming PVE game mode, or was it simply something cool that the developers put in the game for fun? That’s one mystery that we’ll probably have to wait for the answer to.

[Images credit: /u/Maddazefc on Reddit]

EE firing range from apexlegends