YouTube Rewind 2019 reveals most-watched game (and it isn’t Fortnite)

YouTube Rewind 2019 has revealed the most-watched game on the video-sharing site — and it isn’t FortniteYouTube posted the video today providing a rundown of stats from its year in videos, though its list of most popular games was surprising.

The video is a direct response to criticisms of YouTube Rewind 2018, which many felt didn’t focus on the individual creators who have served as the backbone of the site. This year, YouTube placed a spotlight on these creators over the celebrities, music videos, and talk shows that usually make up its Trending tab.

One segment of the video is dedicated to YouTube’s most-watched video games, and while it (mostly) features familiar names, the order of these games is somewhat eyebrow-raising. Despite Fortnite Chapter 2 launching this year, it didn’t manage to beat out Minecraft, which was the site’s most-viewed game of 2019. Additionally, the mobile game Garena Free Fire, which is hardly a household name for many, charted at number 4.

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Not only did Minecraft beat Fortnite for views, it managed to do so handily. Epic Games’ battle royale achieved a whopping 60.9 billion views in 2019, though Minecraft topped it with a mammoth 100.2 billion views.

  1. Minecraft (100.2 billion views)
  2. Fortnite (60.9 billion views)
  3. Grand Theft Auto 5 (36.9 billion views)
  4. Garena Free Fire (29.9 billion views)
  5. Roblox (29.6 billion views)

In terms of creators who specialize in video game content, LazarBeam was the eighth most-viewed creator with 2 billion views, Jelly the fourth with 2.5 billion, and PewdiePie the most-viewed YouTuber with 4 billion views.

The video can be viewed below: