Paper Beast release date period confirmed, coming to PSVR next year

The Paper Beast release date period has been announced during the PlayStation State of Play. This is a PlayStation VR (PSVR) game that immerses players in an “untouched digital landscape that hums with its own unique rhythm of life.”

Paper Beast is from the creator of Another World, though the new title is a completely different beast, incorporate PlayStation VR mechanics. Users can interact with wildlife, the terrain, and more. A deep mystery keeps the player moving forward, which players will be able to uncover when the game launches next year.

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Explore a colourful living ecosystem born out of big data and undertake a virtual journey of discovery through an immersive and poetic gameplay experience.

Somewhere deep down in the vast memory of a data server an ecosystem has emerged. Decades of lost code and forgotten algorithms have accumulated in the eddies and flows of the internet and there a small bubble of life has blossomed.

This is the unique and playful world of Paper Beast, teeming with lifeforms quite unlike those you might be familiar with and yours to explore through the power of PlayStation VR.

Paper Beast is set to launch during Q1 2020, early next year.