Warframe Cross-Play may be Digital Extremes’ next project

Warframe is a long-running free-to-play game that has since popped up on every gaming console, but players are still separated from one another. There’s some very good news on that front, though — Warframe Cross-Play may very well be the next thing that developer Digital Extremes will focus on for their future of their game.

“If it’s not Railjack we’re working on, it’s definitely going to be [Cross-Play]. I wish we had it right now,” said Digital Extremes’ Rebecca Ford as reported by PCGamesN. The statement was made during a media Q&A session. While it wasn’t explicitly stated that they’re going to be working on Warframe Cross-Play, it seems like they are considering it as something pretty important to work on.

Warframe Cross-Play

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Warframe just celebrated its six-year anniversary earlier this year. It originally arrived on PC in March of 2013, followed by a PS4 release in November of 23. The Xbox One got the game in September of the following year, and it took all the way until November 2018 for it to make its debut on the Nintendo Switch.

While it’s been on multiple platforms for most of its life, Cross-Play hasn’t been implemented between any of the platforms. It didn’t help that some console creators weren’t exactly keen on working with one-another over the last few years.

However, that situation has been gradually changing with games like Fortnite paving the way for true Cross-Play between all systems. While such a situation may have been unthinkable in the past, the millions of dollars Fortnite brings in every month has managed to open the door to multi-platform Cross-Play.

Developing a game for four different gaming systems is quite the challenge, though, so it may be some time before we actually get our hands on Warframe Cross-Play. That might also mean that we’d see a staggered release rather than a simultaneous launch across all platforms. We can’t say for sure exactly when we’ll get it, but it’s nice to know that Digital Extremes is keeping this feature in mind.