Action-platformer Foregone going Epic exclusive in February 2020

During a showreel broadcast during The Game Awards, the team at Big Blue Bubble revealed that they’re partnering with Epic Games to bring their 2D loot-driven action-platformer Foregone to the Epic Games Store in Early Access this coming February. The game, first made playable at this year’s Indie Mix event around E3 and at PAX West, promises a “twisted journey filled with legions of enemies and impressive boss fights.”

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Set in the war-torn city of Calagan, Forgone places players in opposition to an evil force known as the Harrow. You’ll be looting new weapons, upgrading a skill tree and taking on enemies big and small leading up to intense boss encounters. As you progress, the developers promise that you’ll unravel a “compelling story of regret and conspiracy.”

Founder and CEO of Big Blue Bubble Damir Slogar had this to share about the news: “We’re excited for the PC release of Foregone through the Epic Games Store. Our team has worked tirelessly on every detail to produce a game that we’re sure players will appreciate and enjoy.”

Foregone Nova Gameplay

Looking at the trailer, Foregone seems to take inspiration from some of 2019’s best, mixing the gorgeous pixels of Dead Cells with the fluid animations of Souls games. Having played a bit of it myself this past summer at E3, I can say that I’m happy the game is going into Early Access. At the time, it had the looks of a winner, and I’m eager to see what’s improved on the gameplay front.

Forgone is set to debut on Epic Games Store on February 27, 2020. The game sells for $24.99, and pre-orders are open now for potential players. Developer Big Blue Bubble promises that the game will hit major console platforms everywhere after its Epic Store debut, with the current scheduling having the game land in mid-2020.