The Game Awards 2019 Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer highlights Cloud Strife

Everyone’s favorite grumpy ex-SOLDIER got a clip tonight at The Game Awards 2019. Square Enix presented a Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer highlighting Cloud Strife, and it has us even more pumped up for March.

The trailer shows much that we’ve already seen, but it’s nice to see some new angles. Square Enix is playing its cards close to its chest on the remake, and we likely won’t see anything mindblowing until closer to launch.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake consists of the first part of the iconic classic. According to Square Enix, the first episode of FF7 Remake will take us through Midgar, Shinra Electric Power Company’s headquarter city. We’ll join Cloud and Avalanche as they take out Mako Reactors and challenge Shinra’s supremacy over the planet.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases on March 3, 2020. Recently it was announced that the game would remain a PS4 exclusive for one year after launch.