New Final Fantasy 7 Remake screens show iconic scenes

Square Enix released a barrage of new Final Fantasy 7 Remake screens today that show us some new characters and locations. Most importantly, we’re getting our first clear look at the Shinra Building and the name of one of the new characters introduced in FF7 Remake.

The new character, the unidentified SOLDIER we saw in past trailers, is named Roche. He’s a former SOLDIER Third Class who is also know as “Speed Demon.” The official Square Enix blog post says he’s a “rebel,” but it hasn’t been revealed if he’s part of AVALANCHE or not yet.

The Shinra Building looks very similar to its original incarnation in design. The lobby has been scaled up and has more Shinra vehicles on display. We also see a new floor of the building. The 61st floor is called the Relaxation Floor and features a large tree in the center surrounded by tables. There is also a Cafeteria for employees to buy food and drinks.

You can see all the new screenshots below, including some showcasing Aerith’s attacks and abilities. We’ll be able to see all these and more in action when Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases exclusively on PS4 on March 3, 2019.