GTA Online gives away reindeer bodysuit, firework launcher, RC tank for the holidays

It’s about to get festive in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online, as Rockstar has a host of giveaways and promotions planned for players who spend their Christmas in Los Santos. First off, the locations around GTA Online‘s city is getting the expected tinsel and lights treatment, and there will be a rare snowfall around the holidays to facilitate a snowball fight.

As far as giveaways go, Rockstar is treating players to several drops of holiday loot. Players who log in on December 24 get a “Green Reindeer Lights Bodysuit” so they can light the way for nighttime deliveries. They can also ring in the new year (or an opponent) with a Firework Launcher and 20 rockets. There are additional rewards in the care package, and the fun doesn’t stop there.

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On Christmas Day, players can log in to score an “Invade and Persuade RC Tank” free of charge from Warstock Cache and Carry. This dangerous toy will make your next deathmatch quite jolly indeed. If you want a reward that’s a little less violent, anyone who logs in before January 1 will receive holiday clothing items, including “Red Swirl Motif Pajamas,” a “Green Slaying Festive Sweater,” and the “Burger Shot.”

Finally, if you’re feeling lucky, holiday players can try to grab holiday-themed vehicles from the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel. There’s both an Ocelot Ardent and a Vapid Clique, both with festive liveries that are perfect for this time of year. If you have a hole burning in your pocket instead, you can flash your cash to purchase the newly released Grotti Furia Supercar, which just popped up at Legendary Motorsport.

Twitch Prime members can grab on additional reward, the Pixel Pete’s Arcade property in Paleto Bay. Thankfully, you can actually play any of the arcade games on this property, which is a treat. You can also purchase high score screens and additional games for others to play, making this a managerial side hustle. Prime players also receive increased discounts on vehicles and properties during the current holiday sale.