‘Mother 4’ fan game gets renamed to ‘Oddity’ and the reveal trailer is amazing

What started as a Mother/Earthbound fan game has now blossomed into a new IP of its own. Mother 4, an eagerly anticipated fan game that’s been in development since 2013, is now titled Oddity. This name change was announced alongside a teaser trailer that shows how far the game has come in the six years since the team started working on it.

While the game still has noticeable influences from the Mother series, it will no longer contain any connections to Nintendo’s beloved franchise. Given the fate of projects like AM2R and Pokemon Uranium, it’s not surprising that the Mother 4 team decided to distance itself from Nintendo’s properties.

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No release date has been announced for Oddity yet, and given that the team behind it have full-time jobs aside from the project, it might still be quite some time before we see it.

However, even though we’ve seen other spiritual successors to the Mother series like Citizens of Earth in the past, Oddity might be the closest to capturing that magical feeling those games provided.