Leaked images showcase Arcade1Up virtual pinball machines

By now, most gamers have probably heard about the Arcade1Up series of small-scale arcade cabinets. Typically themed around one set game or franchise, these cabinets call back to the arcade days in proper (albeit 3/4 scale) fashion. However, they don’t do much to address arcade players who have been yearning for more pinball action. What is there to do? Release a virtual pinball machine, of course.

Appropriately named Arcade1Up Pinball, these new machines appeared online in leaked images over at Pinside. A post from user arcademojo gives a look at a promotional image for the Star Wars-themed cabinet, plus provided some very interesting details about the hardware that’s supposedly inside.

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These are virtual pinball machines, so there are no physical balls or paddles. Instead, they include features meant to match the “feel” of physical pinball. According to the leaked details, the Arcade1Up Pinball machine displays its action on a 24-inch color LCD screen. To mimic the feel of slapping a steel ball with a paddle, the side buttons will feature solenoids. The machines also allegedly feature an accelerometer, so the digital ball will respond to real-world stimuli such as bumping or tilting the machine. Finally, the whole package is rounded out with a seven-inch color LCD for the marquee, stereo speakers, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

arcade1up pinball machine virtual star wars leaked image

According to the leaked images, the first Arcade1Up Pinball machine will be based around Star Wars Pinball. However, the image also points to a collaboration with Bally, Williams Pinball, and Zen Studios. That likely means that other themed virtual pinball cabinets are somewhere in the works.

Finally, the image above notably includes the CES logo. As such, we could assume that these new virtual pinball machines will be announced or revealed at CES 2020, which starts on January 7. Either way, more images featured on this Resetera post show boxes for the Arcade1Up Pinball machines sitting unopened, meaning they’re likely already in production and will become available for sale very soon.