Rune 2 publisher reacquires game code, promises path forward

Rune 2 launched around two months ago on the Epic Games Store, and the events surrounding the game’s launch have been far more interesting than the charitably subpar release. Developer Human Head Studios dissolved the day after the launch, only to reform under the Bethesda umbrella as Roundhouse Studios. This left the game in limbo, and publisher Ragnarok admitted that they didn’t have the source code on hand to make much-needed fixes. Now, as we settle into 2020, it seems that the tides are turning for this troubled release.

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Over the holiday on the Rune forums, Ragnarok shared the news that they’ve “received a hard drive containing the RUNE II assets and source code.” The publisher did not state where the hard drive came from, but they say after testing from engineers that it is the genuine article. Thanks to this boon from the heavens, the publisher promises that a patch is forthcoming to fix ” top critical issues, bugs, and optimizations.”

It’s unclear how much ground the publisher can make up considering that the launch has come and gone, but it’s always best to hope that something good can come of Rune 2 in the months to follow.