The Scuf Gaming pillow has us asking a lot of questions

Scuf has made a lot of pretty cool gaming accessories over the years, mainly focusing on high-end controllers for competitive gamers — but its newest reveal has us raising our eyebrows. The Scuf gaming pillow is apparently a thing, and it looks like Scuf might be changing the way we game with controllers once again.

The reveal of the Scuf gaming pillow was a somewhat more lowkey part of a presentation by the company at CES 2020. While it has certainly got an impressive lineup of controllers to show off — that is, after all, its bread and butter — the announcement of an inflatable gaming pillow might seem a bit weird at first. Once you understand how it works, though, it all makes sense.

SCUF Gaming pillow detail

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As noted in a video by EposVox, the concept of the Scuf Gaming pillow is pretty straightforward. If you’re gaming with a controller, the odds are that you’re on a couch or a chair and you don’t have anything in front of you. While some gamers might rest their controller on their laps, others are just as likely to lean forward and rest their elbows on their knees. This might feel better at the moment, but it’s probably not the best idea for your posture.

This inflatable gaming pillow from Scuf aims to change that. Utilizing a distinct “U” shape that looks kind of like a bigger version of those inflatable neck pillows that you can buy at airports, the Scuf gaming pillow rests on your lap and gives you a place to comfortably rest your elbows. No more leaning forward and turning your back into a question mark, and you can probably use it with other devices like a tablet or phone, too.

There’s no word yet on when we’ll be able to get the Scuf Gaming pillow (or what it will cost), but we can’t imagine it would be that long of a wait. You can see the Scuf Gaming pillow in action in the video below:

Images credit: EposVox on YouTube