Overwatch 2 2020 release date ‘leaked’ in PlayStation tweet

Will we see an Overwatch 2 2020 release date? Blizzard Entertainment has been relatively silent on the matter ever since revealing their newest first-person shooter at Blizzcon 2019, but a now-deleted tweet from PlayStation Brasil indicates that we may be playing Overwatch 2 sooner than you might think.

As PC Gamer reports, Brazilian gaming site Voxel reportedly noticed a tweet (since deleted) from PlayStation Brasil which hinted that we might be getting an Overwatch 2 2020 release date.

Overwatch 2 2020 release date rumored PlayStation Brasil tweet

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Here’s the machine translation of the tweet:

2020 will be the year Overwatch 2 comes to PS4, and to get ready, we talked to some of its developers, who gave us hot information. Read the interview: bit.ly/2uobTsy

The bit.ly link leads to an interview at the Brazilian PlayStation Blog where they talk about some details surrounding Overwatch 2, but the interview is from a few months ago. Furthermore, it doesn’t discuss the release date in any capacity whatsoever.

Considering the state of the game that we saw at Blizzcon 2019, I think it’s certainly possible that we’ll get a late 2020 release date, if only for a beta. However, the purported PlayStation Brasil tweet was very obviously sent out in error as it links to a story that doesn’t seem to mesh with the messaging of the tweet.

So, what happened? There are three distinct possibilities:

  1. The tweet was genuine, but poorly-worded, and wasn’t supposed to be released for some time.
  2. The tweet was a placeholder for an unreleased interview, and the tweet was accidentally released.
  3. The tweet was photoshopped/manipulated with an easily-created bit.ly link.

We can’t say for sure who created the bit.ly link, but an analysis of the link at the time of writing indicates a large amount of referrals involving twitter and the Brazilian PlayStation blog, hinting that it may be genuine.

For now, take this one with a grain of salt. We may very well see an Overwatch 2 2020 release date, but a screenshot of a single tweet is far from enough to say for certain.