Wargroove: Double Trouble release date announced with new DLC trailer

Announced back in October 2019, the Wargroove: Double Trouble DLC finally has a release date. The Wargroove: Double Trouble release date brings the free DLC pack to non-PS4 Wargroove players next month.

Publisher and developer Chucklefish revealed the Wargroove: Double Trouble release date with a new trailer, announcing that the DLC will be available on February 6, 2020. This date only applies to those who own Wargroove on Switch, Xbox One, and PC, while PS4 owners will have to wait until a yet-unannounced later launch date. Double Trouble’s main attraction is its new, shorter, couch co-op-focused campaign. The campaign can be played solo, with local co-op, or online co-op, but Chucklefish has repeatedly emphasized its design as a co-op experience.

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In addition to the new campaign, Double Trouble will also bring three new commanders, two new units (Thieves and Riflemen), new Arcade missions, updated map editing tools, and more. Despite all of these new goodies, Double Trouble is perhaps most well-known for Chucklefish’s controversial decision to cast white voice actors for the role of three of its new characters of color.