Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion legendary Calyrex revealed

The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion will feature a new legendary in the form of Calyrex, with the new Pokemon being unveiled during today’s Nintendo Direct.

Calyrex is described as a legendary Psychic-type and Grass-type. It can be found in The Crown Tundra, the second of Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s expansions, which can be purchased as part of the newly announced Expansion Pass.

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The mysterious story of Calyrex will unfold in the snowy Tundra setting, which Game Freak has stated will focus on “exploration.” Coincidentally, the necklace that adorns Calyrex’s neck features a symbol similar to The Legend of Zelda‘s Triforce, another Nintendo series focused on exploration.

We’re unsure if this was a conscious decision on Game Freak’s behalf, but it will surely give those conspiracy theorists who believe that Nintendo games exist in the same universe something to think about.

pokemon sword and shield calyrex

The Pokemon Sword and Shield You can find out much more about the new DLC right hereexpansion pass is currently in development, with both expansions set to release this year. .