GDQ bans speedrunner who ‘hates feminazism’

GDQ speedrunner Luzbelheim has been banned after completing his run of Final Fantasy 8. GDQ made its decision after the organization was criticized for letting the speedrunner take part in the event, due to his support for far-right Spanish political party Vox.

Luzbelheim’s suspension appears to be related to criticisms of his personal politics. In November, he tweeted: “In economic policy Vox is well above the rest,” showing support for the far-right party in his country.

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Luzbelheim has said that he has been suspended from submitting speedruns to GDQ for 18 months, after GDQ viewers criticized his involvement with the charity stream. Luzbelheim has vocally supported Vox, which has been described as antifeminist, anti-Islam, and authoritarian.

Luzbelheim has also been criticized for his comments on feminism and gender identity. His Twitter bio includes the quote “I hate feminazism,” while he also appears to make fun of pronouns, referring to himself as “Deminonbinary [luz/luz].”

After the suspension, the streamer claimed that he doesn’t “hate feminists,” but that the term ‘feminazi’ is used to describe “pseudofeminists.” However, Vox has a history of antifeminism, with the party outraging civil rights groups in 2019 after refusing to sign a declaration that condemned violence against women (via The Guardian).

GDQ has yet to make an official comment regarding Luzbelheim’s suspension. We have reached out to the organization and will update this story when we receive a response.