Valve Index shipping for December orders is finally happening

The relatively recent reveal of Half-Life: Alyx must have caused a pretty big bump in Valve Index sales because the Washington-based company seems to have built up a pretty hefty backlog. Valve Index shipping for orders placed as late as November of 2019 is only kicking off right now.

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Users on both ResetEra and Reddit are reporting that the status of their Valve Index orders has been changing from “Processing” to “Shipping Soon,” a next step towards actually getting their hands on VR headsets.

Presumably, many of these folks had thought that placing an order in late November or early December would be more than enough time to get them by Christmas. Unfortunately, it seems like Valve was a tad bit overwhelmed and they’re only getting headsets out the door right now.

It should be noted that this isn’t quite universal, as while orders placed as late as December 17, 2019 are reportedly changing to “Shipping Soon,” other users with earlier order dates haven’t seen any change in their Valve Index shipping status. For now, the headset is still unable to be purchased by new customers as they’re still catching up with orders. Hopefully, the rush of purchases will make them better prepared for next year’s holiday rush.