Might and Magic Chess Royale stages 100-player autobattler bouts

Ubisoft today announced the next entry in the storied Might & Magic franchise, although it’s likely not the return to form that old school fans want. Instead, Might & Magic: Chess Royale combines the two genres of the moment into one exciting fantasy good time. Players take part in ten-minute autochess (also known as autobattler) duels with the heroes and villains of the Might & Magic franchise. Winning will take them on to another opponent, with entire rounds consisting of 100 players. Be the last one standing and you win the whole kit and kaboodle.

Might and Magic Chess Royale Gameplay

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Planning to launch on January 30, players can preregister on Android and iOS as of today. The game will also launch on PC via Ubisoft’s Uplay client. Chess Royale will be in direct competition with other big names in the autobattler space, including Dota: Underlords and TeamFight Tactics by Valve and Riot respectively. The Dota modders who originated the genre will come out with Auto Chess: Origin on PC via the Epic Games Store later this year after launching on mobile in 2019.