10 Google Stadia timed-exclusives coming in first half of 2020

More than 10 timed-exclusives are planned to come to the Google Stadia in the first half of 2020. These timed Google Stadia exclusives join more than 120 games coming to the streaming platform in 2020 overall.

In a community blog post, Google said it is “targeting” more than 10 timed exclusives and is “tracking” more than 120 total game releases for the year. Additionally, Google said players should expect web browser 4K gaming support, more Assistant functionality when using Stadia through a web browser, additional Android phone support, and wireless web browser Stadia controller gameplay to be added over the next three months.

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At launch, Stadia had only one exclusive game, Gylt, and both Get Packed and Orcs Must Die! 3 were later announced as timed exclusives for 2020. Without truly permanent exclusives, Stadia will likely depend on the appeal of game streaming itself to attract adopters. At launch, the Stadia streaming experience was flawed, though some argue Google Stadia will get better.