League of Legends releasing 120 skins in 2020 following Mecha Kingdoms event

Popular MOBA League of Legends will once again increase skin output in 2020, and they want to include everyone. 2018 saw around 80 new skins coming to the game, while 2019 rounded up to 100. In 2020,Riot Games plans on 120 skins and want to include champions that haven’t received new cosmetics in several years.

In a new Dev Video on the League of Legends YouTube page, customization lead Jonathan Belliss lists off exactly which champs will get skins, as well as their overall plan for the new year:

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The video also details Mecha Kingdoms, the first major in-game event of 2020 for League of Legends. It depicts a new sci-fi universe with skins for five heroes.

Jonathan expands that the event was designed around the lunar new year, but also for Western audiences as well since past events in that timeframe haven’t served everyone. The team hopes that the combination of giant mechs and legendary warriors can rectify that.

Mecha Kingdoms launches today in-game alongside new champion Sett. There are plans for events with new game modes and remixed battle passes throughout the year.