New Godfall gameplay leak shows off PS5 launch game’s combat

A new Godfall gameplay leak has revealed 7 seconds of combat taken from the upcoming game. Allegedly pulled from an unreleased trailer, the short-but-sweet clip shows the player-character taking on a series of enemies in the PS5 launch title.

The alleged Godfall trailer footage was posted to Reddit by user YeaQuarterDongIng. In a later comment, the user claimed the trailer was used internally by developer Counterplay Games, and that the footage was taken “from early 2019.”

The footage can be viewed below:

[GodFall] [Video] – Combat Footage (A Fraction of the footage from an Unreleased Trailer I have) from PS4

Godfall is the first game confirmed to release on the PS5, with it also set to launch on PC in late 2020. An action-RPG, it’s set in a fantasy world where players assume the role of a member of the Knight’s Order, tasked with preventing an apocalyptic event.

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Previously, Game Revolution’s sister PlayStation Lifestyle received the first PS5 footage of Godfall in its interview with Keith Lee, the game’s Creative Director. Read PSLS’s interview here.