PC Building Simulator NZXT DLC adds new themed workplace

PC Building Simulator has received a new content drop in the form of the NZXT Workshop. This new DLC adds an alternate location for players to build in for both the Career and Free Build modes. If the default workshop isn’t doing anything for you, then maybe this NZXT x The Irregular Corporation collab is the solution.

If you’re at all familiar with NZXT, you’ll know that it loves purple as a color scheme. Shocking no one, the NZXT Workshop is extremely purple and filled with the company’s PC components. From cases to coolers, the NZXT Workplace shows them all off in style.

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The PC Building Simulator NZXT DLC is now available for $5.99 on Steam. (PC Building Simulator is currently featured in the Lunar Sale for $13.99.)

A brand new workshop for PC Building simulator created with NZXT’s design team. A crisp, modern space, featuring an all-new layout decorated with NZXT products and swag.

The best way to preview the NZXT Workshop is through the short trailer embedded below. Prepare yourself for purple!