Apex Legends dataminers discover new character, Titanfall reference

Apex Legends recently launched Season 4, which features a return to King’s Canyon and a whole new character named Forge. The musclebound cyborg is the first character for the Battle Royale to have a sponsor in the Apex Games. He is backed by Hammond Robotics, the company that built robots big and small in the Titanfall games. According to a few curious Apex Legends dataminers, that may not be the only reference to the company included in the new update, and there may even be an entirely different new hero lurking in the shadows.

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First off, the Titanfall connection. Players checking out World’s Edge recently have noticed a group of three lights hovering over the Hot Springs. Fans familiar with Titanfall recognize that pattern from the Harvester, a corporate-approved terraforming device first seen in the game’s Horde-esque Frontier Defense mode. This could be the in-game explanation for big map changes in Apex Legends, or even a precursor to an even more involved crossover between the two sides of the universe. We’ll just have to see as the season rolls on.

We probably won’t need to wait long to see what’s up with Revenant, a long-rumored addition to the cast of Apex Legends that popped up on an Electronic Arts support page not long after Season 4’s reveal. The art follows months of leaks describing the character, who is a robotic skeleton man with a taste for bandannas. According to the information available, he’s a stealth-focused character, with possible skills including a shadow clone you can teleport to, a poison dagger to launch at foes, and the ability to walk through walls for a limited time.

There’s enough evidence out there that we know that Revenant will show up in Apex Legends eventually, but the Apex Legends dataminers haven’t found an exact time. If we had to bet on it, we’d think that it’d be a fun surprise to have two heroes show up for the one year anniversary season of this battle royale sensation.