Knights of the Old Republic remake is reportedly in development

Knights of the Old Republic remake is reportedly in development. While a sequel to the two Knights of the Old Republic games has been desired by Star Wars fans for a long time, we may have our first hints of something actually happening.

An article from Cinelinx details this rumored remake of the classic Star Wars game. Way back in 2015, a third game was reported to be in the works but ultimately canceled. That cancellation was talked about in April 2019 by ex-Obsidian developer Chris Avellone, and now Cinelinx has sources who allegedly indicate that the franchise once again has a new title in development.

Knights of the Old Republic remake battle

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According to Cinelinx, two independent sources have reached out to the publication pretty much out of nowhere. Adding to the mystery is that neither of these two unnamed sources were the three previous independent sources who had confirmed the 2015 version of the game was in production.

The sources told Cinelinx that it will indeed include elements from the first two games, but it would also work in elements from the modern Star Wars canon, effectively making a game that bridges all of these various universes together into one epic project.

Development of the game, of course, would be handled by EA as the publisher currently holds the license to make Star Wars games. Its most recent release was Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, a game that also apparently has a sequel in development. Apparently, EA is reported to be juggling several projects in the Star Wars universe — not a surprise considering the kind of money that Disney has invested into the franchise in the last few years.

So, will we see a Knights of the Old Republic remake? We can only trust in the Force and hope that EA will come through on this one. In the meantime, you can enjoy a good nostalgia kick (or try out the originals for the first time) by picking up KOTOR and KOTOR 2 on Steam at the stupidly-cheap price of $3.49 as part of the Steam Lunar Sale 2020.