2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale best deals

The 2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale is here, so we’ve been busy combining the best deals from the event. This year, there’s another epic sale on the Steam store; from big open-world RPGs to small indie titles, there’s something on offer for gamers of all stripes, and all at a significant bargain.

We’ve scoured the store to bring you the games with the deepest discounts that you haven’t seen before. Settle in, open up your wallet, and enjoy Lunar New Year the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

NOTE: Prices marked with BUNDLE are compilations of franchises that will adjust in price depending on what you already own. The listed price is for the full collection and the deal gets better the more you own from the bundle)

Best RPG & Open-World Deals | 2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale

The Witcher 3 Missing in Action Quest failed

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The 2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale happens to coincide with a surge of popularity for The Witcher, and CD Projekt Red are happy to offer the latest game in the franchise at a steep 70% off. If you’d rather explore more urban environments, there are great deals on finishing off your Saints Row collection and digging into the zombie-infested streets of Dying Light. If you like more of the RPG side of things, there’s never been a better discount on the much-lauded Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Best Stealth & Horror Deals | 2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods, Project Resistance

If you’re a horror gamer looking to play catch up on one of 2019’s best releases, Capcom’s reimagined Resident Evil 2 can be yours for less than $20. For more scares, you can dive into the multiplayer mayhem of Dead By Daylight (and play for free this weekend) or try to survive the unknowable horrors of the Don’t Starve franchise. If you want to be in control of the terror, The Evil Within 2 offers a scary power fantasy for just $10.

Best Action, Platformer & Shooter Deals | 2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Yoku's Island Express

Platformers have been on the rise, evolving past mere retro throwbacks into genre-stretching new experiences. That’s what Yoku’s Island Express does, combining platforming, pinball, and Metroidvania into one impressive package that’s 75% off during the 2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale. Elsewhere, indie FPS standout Project Warlock is less than $5 and A Hat in Time offers N64 collectathon vibes for just $15. If you’re looking for something even cheaper, One Finger Death Punch is probably one of the best dollars you can spend on Steam.

Best Puzzle, Fighting & Strategy Deals | 2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale

dragon ball fighterz best games of 2018

With Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot making headlines, now is the perfect time to grab one of the best DBZ games ever made. You can get the full version of Dragon Ball FighterZ for $33, with the base game coming in even cheaper. If your 90s nostalgia leans towards live-action, the impressive Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid offers a lot of morphin’ action for $12. On the puzzle side of things, the now VR optional Moss is just $15, and critical darling RiME is impressively cheap with a 90% discount.

Best Indie Deals | 2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Ape Out 2020 Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Are you furious that you’re most of the way through this article and you haven’t found a game yet? Take out your aggression with APE OUT, a Devolver Digital special where you go ape on a city as an escaped monkey. For a less abstract bloodfest, try blasting away mooks as your favorite action heroes for less than $4 in Broforce. Of course, if you’d rather chill out than go crazy, the meditative Flower is less than $4, and you can chill with friends using TowerFall and a spare three bucks.