Knights of the Old Republic 3 was planned out, but canceled before Obsidian could make it

The Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games are a pair of beloved RPGs from BioWare and Obsidian Entertainment. Following the release of KotOR 2: The Sith Lords, Obsidian wanted to produce a third game in the series. Knights of the Old Republic 3 was ultimately canceled, but not before story details were hashed out.

Chris Avellone, an ex-Obsidian developer who worked on KotOR 2 and pre-production on KotOR 3, recently spoke with VG24/7 about the canceled game. According to Avellone, Obsidian was ready to make a third game in the series, going so far as to develop a story premise for the game.

“The third game involved you, as a player character, following where Revan went and then taking the battle to the really ancient Sith lords who are far more terrifying than the Darths that show up. These guys would just be monsters. These would have a level of power that was considerable, but at the same time you’d be able to dig more into their psychologies, and their personalities, their history, and even how they dealt with the player, how they talk with the player, the different powers they cultivated and developed, and for some of them like—they’re the ancients, so they’re not just ruling a solar system, [but] swathes of the galaxy.”

Knights of the Old Republic 3 never got off the ground, with internal LucasArts teams and BioWare also vying to produce a third game in the series at different times. By May 2008 rumors were cropping up that BioWare was working on a Star Wars MMO. That MMO would end up becoming Star Wars: The Old Republic set a few hundred years after the KotOR games.

Various developers at Obsidian and BioWare have shown an interest in making a KotOR 3 in the past few years, but it doesn’t look like the project is getting greenlit anytime soon.

Avellone is currently a freelance writer and designer on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, Dying Light 2, and Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Jedi: Fallen Order sees Avellone return to the galaxy far far away, and got its first trailer during Star Wars Celebration this weekend.