Monster Hunter World update celebrates 2nd anniversary with Appreciation Fest armor

It’s been two whole years since Monster Hunter broke through into the mainstream with Monster Hunter World. With that fact and the recent release of the Iceborne expansion on PC, there’s plenty to celebrate, so it only fits that Capcom is pulling out all the stops for current players. As part of the second annual Appreciation Fest, players can grab plenty of birthday treats. Some just for logging in and others for completing quests tied into the new event.

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Among the rewards up for grabs are all the items offered during last year’s Appreciation Fest. In fact, if you’re sticking to the main game and haven’t ventured to the Iceborne expansion as of yet, this will be the extent of the event for you. Still, if you missed them the first time, you can snag items from all previous event quests and craft plenty of armor that references Capcom’s vast history. You’ll also get Appreciation Tickets for logging in, and those can be used to acquire fancy suits, skull masks or beetle armor. You know you want to fight alongside a Palico equipped with Mega Man armor.

In the DLC-exclusive Seliana Grand Appreciation Fest, players can grab new items like the celestial Astral α+ armor. This side of the event also includes a newly decorated hub, other new goodies, and the return of in-game snowball fights with other players out in the field. The release of Iceborne on PC has seen anything but a chilly reception, and the game has sold over 15 million copies overall. That’s plenty fo celebrate for sure.

Monster Hunter World Appreciation Fest 123

You’ve got loads of time to hunt monsters in your tux and tails, but it doesn’t last forever. The Appreciation Fest will keep the party going until the middle of February. Be sure to log in before that if you want in on the festivities.