Persona 5 for Switch could be coming due to ‘record-high’ fan response

Plenty of Persona fans are hoping for a Persona 5 Nintendo Switch port, and we might just get it after a recent Atlus survey received a “record-high” response from the fan base. If we’re lucky, Atlus will take the results to heart and bring us Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch.

Every year, Atlus runs a survey on what players think of their games. Last year’s survey asked players if they would like to see any Nintendo Switch ports, and the same questions went out again this year. However, this year’s response was much greater than anyone could have hoped for.

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“The Atlas 2020 questionnaire survey, which had a record-high number of participants far exceeding expectations, ended today at 15:00 on Monday, 10th (Monday),” read a machine-translated tweet. “Many valuable opinions, thank you very much. [Thank you from now on.]”

Persona 5 Nintendo Switch cat

Discussion of the Persona 5 Nintendo Switch survey on the /r/NintendoSwitch subreddit is equal parts hopeful and cynical. Several Redditors note that the vast majority of Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games are on PlayStation consoles despite longtime fan demand for ports. The upcoming release of Persona 5 Scramble on the Nintendo Switch gives some people hope that we might see the core franchise game Persona 5 ported to the Switch.

It’s not entirely clear as to why Atlus hasn’t yet made a Nintendo Switch port. As a smaller developer, they may be risk-averse to putting out their games on platforms that might not be as successful. PlayStation consoles are huge in their home country of Japan, and the Nintendo Switch might have been an uncertain quantity for them until just recently (especially after the dismal performance of the Wii U).

Surveys like this are sometimes used to gauge fan response to future projects. With a “record high” number of people participating this year, we’ll hopefully be hearing some good news about a Persona 5 Nintendo Switch port sooner rather than later.