Halo Nerf guns bring the Needler to the real world

Halo Nerf guns are coming, and this is one nerf that fans probably won’t be upset about. Following in the footsteps of games like Overwatch, 343’s beloved first-person shooter is getting the toy treatment from Hasbro, and one of them has a special surprise for Halo Infinite players!

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GameSpot revealed the three new Nerf guns that will be making their debut later this year. Two of the guns are pretty cheap, but one of them is a battery-powered device that will cost a pretty penny.

What are the new Halo Nerf guns?

  • Needler ($10) – a replica of the Covenant’s Needler, although this one doesn’t home in on your enemies. Fires one shot and comes with two darts.
  • SPNKR ($10) – Based on the UNSC weapon, this also fires one shot and comes with two darts.
  • Halo MA40 Blaster ($50) – Based on a weapon arriving in Halo Infinite, this is the flagship of the lineup that holds 10 darts and takes Four C batteries. It also includes a code to unlock a color scheme based on this rifle in the game.

You’ll be able to get these sweet new guns on October 1, 2020.