Final Fantasy 7 Remake gives you in-game boosts for buying real-world candy

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going to have “pay-to-win” elemtns in a very strange fashion: players will be able to get in-game boosts by buying candy bars, of all things. Additionally, that same offer will unlock a special Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4 theme featuring Tifa Lockhart.

A press release from Ferrero U.S.A. has announced an upcoming promotion done in partnership with Square Enix. Players who purchase two or more Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, or Crunch candy bars in the same transaction can earn digital download codes for one of five unique in-game items.

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What are the Final Fantasy 7 remake candy bar items?

  • Midgar Bangle
    • A bangle designed in the image of the greate city of Midgar.
    • Number available: 100,000
    • Tier 1, 2 qualifying purchases
  • Shinra Bangle
    • A sleek bangle engraved with the Shinra company logo.
    • Number available: 50,000
    • Tier 2, 4 qualifying purchases
  • Corneo’s Amulet
    • A tacky bangle bearing the Don’s mark.
    • Number available: 50,000
    • Tier 3, 6 qualifying purchases
  • Superstar Belt
    • A belt declaring one’s status as a superstar.
    • Number available: 25,000
    • Tier 4, 8 qualifying purchases
  • Mako Crystal
    • A beautiful crystal imbued with mako.
    • Number available: 25,000
    • Tier 5, 10 qualifying purchases

Players can receive one each of these five items on offer while supplies last. No more than one receipt can be entered per day, but you can unlock multiple tiers in one receipt.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa Lockhart

Considering the limited number of these promotional Final Fantasy 7 Remake in-game boosts available, your best strategy is probably going to be to purchase ten candy bars at once so that you can unlock all five items in one go. The sheer popularity of the newest Final Fantasy game and the relatively limited number of items means that supplies are likely to run out very quickly.

The press release also notes that a special Tifa Lockhart PS4 theme will be made available. Thankfully, that item doesn’t appear to have limited quantities, so you should be able to get that no matter what you do when this promotion goes live.

You can find out more about this promotion by reading its official rules. More details will be available at the Butterfinger FF7R website when the promotion kicks off on March 3, 2020. Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on April 10, 2020.