Xbox Series X Quick Resume saves game state even after system update

The Xbox Series X Quick Resume feature is one of the many enhancements that Microsoft highlighted (or re-highlighted) on Monday morning. It is noteworthy because it saves the state of “multiple” games at once so players can jump around apps like they do on their phones. And, according to Xbox’s Major Nelson, this feature works even after rebooting for a system update.

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He discussed this on the newest episode of his podcast, Major Nelson Radio. After discussing how the custom SSD assists in this process with Jason Ronald, director of project management, Major Nelson described how he came across this small, but worthwhile feature.

“I was playing it and switching back and forth real seamlessly and quickly between games, but then I had to reboot because I had a system update,” he said. “And then I went back to the game and went right back to it. So it survives a reboot!”

This is obviously quite different from the current batch of systems where any sort of system update requires that every application be closed. Major Nelson and Ronald discussed how this was all in an effort, combined with the faster SSD, to get players into the game faster. Ronald also then talked about how this was a thing that Xbox can do at the platform level to help players get started more quickly.

While some current console system updates are optional, they can halt players from getting into the action, especially when combined with copious amounts of patching. Closing a game and having to wait through a ton of splash screens probably won’t completely go away, but steps like this will likely significantly shave off minutes that will be spent playing instead of waiting.