Uncharted 5 coming ‘maybe one day,’ Naughty Dog says

Uncharted 4 was widely regarded as a beautiful ending with a wonderful sense of closure, but regardless, many players have been hoping that Uncharted 5 was coming somewhere down the line. Naughty Dog has been pretty quiet on developing a sequel… until now.

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Troy Baker, Nolan North, Neil Druckmann, and Ashley Johnson got together for the final episode of the “definitive playthrough” of The Last of Us on Baker and North’s YouTube channel, Retro Replay, to discuss the game’s development. And near the end of the video, Druckmann essentially opened the door for the possibility of Naughty Dog making a new Uncharted game.

“[First of all], do we want to make it? And we’re lucky that we have the freedom that Sony gives us where we can choose,” Druckmann began. “We made Uncharted 4 and we haven’t made another Uncharted since. Maybe one day we will. We’ll see.”

“We’ll talk about that,” North chimed in. “By the way, what you just said — the internet just exploded.”

Unfortunately, we still didn’t get an explicit confirmation that Uncharted 5 is coming. And we might never get it (at least a traditional sequel), given how final Uncharted 4 was. That said, Naughty Dog does at least seem open to making it as Druckmann expressed how much freedom the team has from Sony.