Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ character creator is gender-neutral

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ character creator is gender-neutral, with the upcoming Nintendo Switch game not making a distinction between male and female character options. This allows players to freely choose appearance options for their characters without being locked into gender-based choices.

The character creator screen was highlighted in a video from the official Animal Crossing Twitter account. It showed players able to freely pick between various customization options, with the caption noting that only a name, birthday, and a picture of the character is required.

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The video can be viewed below:

The Animal Crossing series had previously locked customization options to male and female characters, meaning that players could not opt for certain appearances if they did not choose the corresponding gender. New Horizons affords players more freedom, allowing them to create and accessorize in any way they see fit.

Many games now allow players to forego selecting a gender when creating their character, or at least don’t lock certain appearance options and items behind a specific gender. Such changes allow players to more freely express themselves, and New Horizons following suit is a welcome change.