Is a new Kojima Productions game being teased?

Is a new Kojima Productions game being teased? Fans on Twitter think so and they’re especially hopeful for the Death Stranding developer to be working on a new Silent Hill game.

The official Kojima Productions Twitter account released a tweet that had a rather oddly-worded message with a photo attached. One particular word, in fact, has fans getting hyped up for what we may be seeing soon.

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“Sorry to be silent everyone!” the tweet began. “I’ve been really busy lately[…] I think i can say more soon about what we are going to[…] #KojimaProductions”

Observant fans on Twitter picked out two details. The first is a small pad that KojiPro’s Head of Communications Aki Saito is writing on, which says “Next Week” in plain English text. This, of course, implies that we’ll be hearing something about what’s coming next sometime in the first week of March 2020.

The second detail is a bit more of a reach; fans have latched onto the use of the word “silent” in the title. Combine that with the earlier hints that Hideo Kojima wants to work on a horror game and you’ve got a recipe for hype for a new Kojima Productions game. Check out the tweet below and see if you can spot any other clues!