The ‘duct-taped gamer’ meme is getting its own documentary

An old-school meme is receiving its own documentary, with the ‘duct-taped gamer’ being the subject of the appropriately-titled film Internet Legends: Duct-Taped Gamer. The documentary will tell the story of Drew Purvis, the man how became an early online celebrity after a photo of him duct-taped to the ceiling of a LAN party went viral.

The photo depicts Purvis suspended in the air playing Counter-Strike, his friends playing beneath him using more suitable methods, such as chairs and tables. The photo was taken in 2003, with it being a throwback to an era in which playing multiplayer games with friends was more difficult than simply hopping into a Discord channel.

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The documentary will explain why Purvis was duct-taped to the ceiling, including interviews with those involved. It’s an age-old question that the internet has yet to answer, with director Tyler Knowles looking to finally unravel this online mystery.

Knowles aims to answer the myriad of questions related to the meme, including (but not limited to): “Why was Drew duct-taped to the ceiling?” “did he have to go pee?” and “is it possible he’s still up there?

The description for the film reads:

Internet Legends: Duct-Taped Gamer is the true story behind one of the internet’s most famous photos – a pixelated image of a gamer duct-taped to the ceiling at a LAN party.

The documentary film takes us back to a moment in time – March 29, 2003, in a basement in Mason, Michigan. You’ll meet the friends involved in this prank and learn more about the photo’s history and mystery.

Watch the trailer below: