Mario Kart Tour multiplayer charges players for the best races

Mario Kart Tour multiplayer will be coming in just a few days, but there’s a major downside for players looking to race against their friends. Mario Kart Tour 200 CC races are going to be locked behind the Gold Subscription, effectively charging you to access the best multiplayer content.

A press release from Nintendo details these new upcoming features that are going to be making their way to the mobile game on March 8, 2020. After quite the wait, players will soon be able to enjoy real-time multiplayer races against their friends, but the best bits are going to cost you.

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“For those looking to turbo charge their experience, the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass is a $4.99 per month subscription service that unlocks 200cc mode and enriches the gameplay experience by providing subscribers with in-game gold gifts for racing in tours and special in-game badges from gold challenges,” the press release stated.

Bear in mind that the Gold Subscription is not required to enjoy Mario Kart Tour multiplayer, but it will be required if you have a need for speed. You’ll be able to play Mario Kart Tour 200 CC races when the real-time multiplayer feature launches on March 8, 2020, at 11:00 PM Eastern.