EA bans Kurt again after telling FIFA 20 pro to make a new account

Image Credit: Electronic Arts

EA has banned FIFA 20 pro Kurt from accessing its services once again, after reportedly sending the player a message informing him that he needed to make a new account if he wanted to continue playing the company’s games.

Kurt0411 was banned by EA last month for “abusive and threatening” behavior, with the company taking the uncharacteristic step of detailing its reasoning behind the ban on social media. Kurt shared the messages he had received from EA, including the message informing him that his account had been disabled. This included the note: “If you wish to continue using this product, you must register a new account.”

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After the ban, Kurt registered a new account, but EA has now allegedly banned this account, too. Taking to Twitter, Kurt wrote: “Imagine banning a new account of someone who brought in 15k viewers to your game after you literally told me I have to make a new one. The amount of pettiness this company has is next level.”

Kurt’s initial ban came after a series of controversial incidents, including him appearing in a YouTube “diss track” which targeted members of FIFA 20‘s development team. However, the wording of the message he had received from EA suggested he could make a new account and continue playing, which has now also reportedly been banned.

It’s likely that Kurt received a formulaic message from EA after being banned from FIFA 20, which erroneously informed him that he could make a new account and continue playing the game. Considering that Kurt was also banned from FIFA-related events, it seems that the company has wholesale banned him as an individual from the game, rather than just his previous account.

However, given that Kurt has now reinvested in another copy of FIFA 20, the message he received should arguably have been clearer the first time around. EA has yet to respond to Kurt’s complaint.