Kurt0411 gets revenge on EA by stealing FIFA 20’s Twitch views

Twitch streamer who was banned from FIFA 20 by EA has gotten the best kind of revenge. Kurt0411 switched from FIFA 20 to PES 2020 and singlehandedly stole away most of their views.

Reclaim The Net reports that Kurt went ahead and created a third FIFA 20 account after being banned twice. The first ban was for alleged “abusive and threatening behavior” and the second ban came after he made a new account as instructed by EA. Now, Kurt says that he’s done with FIFA 20, and he got the best possible revenge.

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“I’ll be streaming other games,” Kurt said in a video. “But the main game I will be streaming will be PES. That should be fun, we’ll see how it goes. But it’s the only thing I know, boys. I don’t know how to do music, I don’t know how to do anything else. It’s just mostly football.”

It seems that Kurt’s switch to PES has been more than successful on its first day — PES 2020 beat out its rival sports game in Twitch viewership, largely thanks to one maligned streamer who is fed up with EA.