Soar Carl banned from Twitch and Soar due to on-stream firearm discharge

Carl “Soar Carl” Riemer has been banned from Twitch in what he admits was a “dangerous” firearms incident. The fallout from his error in judgement has also seen him dropped from his esports team.

The Call of Duty streamer was on camera during a lull in his stream. As noted in this submission on /r/LivestreamFail, he pulled out a real gun and discharged it when he misjudged whether or not there was a live round loaded.

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“B**** say I ain’t got money,” Soar Carl said, racking the slide and ejecting an unfired round.

“Say I ain’t got money!” he repeated, pulling back the gun’s slide and ejected another unfired round. Immediately afterward, he put his finger on the trigger and shot his own desk. An unopened can of Coors Light beer was prominently sitting on his desk at the time.

Mr. Riemer was operating a semi-automatic handgun. When the slide (the top of the gun) is pulled back, a single bullet from the magazine is moved into the chamber and ready to fire. If a bullet is already chambered, that bullet will be ejected and the next bullet from the magazine will move up. Rack the slide enough times, and you can empty the magazine entirely (although it’s much safer and simpler to pull the mag out.)

The fallout from this incident has been bad, to say the least. Esports team Soar dropped him from their roster after finding out about what happened.

He was also subsequently banned from Twitch. Twitch bans “branding lethal or harmful weapons” in their community guidelines.

Carl, for his part, deeply regrets his mistake.