Halo MCC anti-cheat warning given to players tweaking graphics

PC gamers have a long history of popping open config files to make their games work just right. Unfortunately, a Halo MCC anti-cheat warning is being issued to players who are trying to make Halo: The Master Chief Collection look better.

“If you change any of the lines [in the game’s config files] to something other than its original value, you’ll be notified of [anti-cheat] check failure while [in-game] and can’t join any multiplayer modes, including the PvE mode of Halo Reach, which apparently isn’t affected by any means,” stated a submission on the /r/pcgaming subreddit.

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The Reddit submitter notes that the PC version Halo: The Master Chief Collection is woefully lacking on graphics options, only giving players the choice between three presets: original, performance, and enhanced. However, the recent release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary brought with it the addition of two new configuration files named game.cfg and user.cfg.

These Halo config files have various settings for things like draw distance, texture quality, and the like, and so gamers might want to tweak them to get it working right. Doing so, however, will prevent you from playing multiplayer at all.

It’s understandable that a Halo MCC anti-cheat warning gets sent out to players for tweaking with the game’s files, but adjusting the configs to make a game look good is a longstanding tradition in the PC gaming world. It certianly doesn’t help that the game’s graphical options are sorely lacking. Hopefully, 343 will be giving players more graphical options in the future so this won’t be a problem.