Valve Index VR headsets returning next week, Half-Life: Alyx ‘demo’ now available

Valve Index VR headsets haven’t been easy to find, despite their relatively steep price of $749 or $999. Valve is aware of this high demand and is restocking the headset on Monday March 9 at 10 AM PT. From there, hopeful VR enthusiasts can hope to buy the studio’s premier headset just two weeks ahead of Half-Life: Alyx‘s launch. There’s even a new Half-Life: Alyx “demo” for players to test out right now.

“Demo” is a bit generous, according to Valve’s update. You don’t get to actually play a slice of the actual game, but you can explore two locations in Steam VR Home. One of these places is an outdoor area from City 17 and the other is Russell’s lab. Valve admitted that this won’t be as interactive as the actual game, but it also said it thinks that “they are a faithful enough translation to provide a fun VR preview of the game’s setting.” Regardless, it’s something to whet the appetite of those who have been starved of Half-Life for quite some time.

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As for the headset, Valve said it expects it to sell out quite quickly since the Valve Index has been out of stock for long time. Even though there will be a limited amount of units, Valve will take orders beyond its initial quantity and will fulfill them in order as its stock replenishes. However, Valve did not reveal how many headsets it is going to have. Just be sure to get in line early and mash that F5 key to get your headset or you’ll probably be waiting quite some time to get your Half-Life fix.