Earthworm Jim creator: ‘Transphobe’ is used to slander conservatives

Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel has called ‘transphobe‘ and ‘homophobe‘ made-up words that are used to “slander conservatives.” The developer then went on to say that the words are “only used by SJWs.”

TenNapel made the comments in a tweet, suggesting that those who use “transphobe” and “homophobe” are instead slandering conservative “people of faith with a mental condition.” The tweet was made in response to translator and author Zack Davisson, who said that he wouldn’t be friends with or support transphobes.

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TenNapel previously said that his views on gay marriage were “the same argument I have against letting a man take a dump in the ladies room.” He also purposely misgendered a trans journalist who was critical of his views, writing: “Heather, you’re a good man and entitled to your own opinions.”

TenNapel’s tweet can be viewed below:

earthworm jim transphobe twitter

TenNapel has also inserted himself into the ‘comicsgate’ group, a backlash against “forced diversity” into comics and connecting media that some have described as a harassment campaign due to its members often targeting minority creators or those who champion minority voices.

In an interview, TenNapel said that anyone who brands comicsgate a “hate group is either ignorant or lying,” though conceded that there were “bad elements rolling around” its fringes. DC Comics writer Scott Snyder previously weighed in on the group, saying that it led to “personal attacks on people I care about.” Marsha Cooke, the widow of legendary comics artist and writer Darwyn Cooke, was also reportedly the subject of threatening messages after denying that her husband would have been affiliated with the group if he were alive.

Doug is most known for creating Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Jim 2, with him also voicing the classic character in the two games. His most recent game was 2015’s Armikrog, which received mixed reviews upon release. He also self-published an Earthworm Jim comic book titled Launch the Cow.