Xbox Series X teraflops are 40% lower than Nvidia 2020 lineup – Report

Microsoft has made a big deal of 12 Xbox Series X teraflops of graphical power, but Nvidia is reportedly readying graphics processes that are 50% more powerful. This reported Nvidia 2020 lineup looks like it will leave the next-gen consoles in the dust on day one of release.

WCCFTech reports that new stats for Nvidia’s upcoming Tesla releases have come out, and it’s kind of like comparing a Porsche to a golf cart. Yes, the Xbox Series X has that big impressive “12 teraflops” number, but Tesla GPUs on the market today already beat it by 22% at 15 teraflops. Now, the situation is going to get even worse.

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According to this report, the Xbox Series X teraflops just can’t stack up against Nvidia’s next-gen releases. Their lowest end graphics processor will have 15 teraflops, and the high end will have a massive 18 teraflops. That’s 50% more than Microsoft’s next-gen console that hasn’t released yet.

While the power is certainly impressive, the latest and greatest graphics cards usually cost well over $1,000. Most people won’t be able to take advantage of this power, but the Xbox Series X will likely be rendered obsolete by cheaper graphics cards in a year or two at most.