Modern Warfare Warzone time-to-kill revealed in leaked gameplay video

The Modern Warfare Warzone time-to-kill has been revealed! A Warzone leaked gameplay video has details on a lot of interesting facts about this upcoming free-to-play battle royale, but it also shows us some of the game’s weapons in action.

A leaked gameplay video from Call of Duty YouTuber Chaos features him talking about Warzone over some gameplay footage. Most of the footage is pretty benign and shows him running around the open world which is pretty much par for the course for a battle royale game. However, we do also get to see a bit of combat.

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During one of the rare gunfights in the video, it appears that Chaos manages to down an opponent with 4–5 hits with a pistol. These looked like body shots, so it seems that the game is going to have roughly the same time-to-kill as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare currently does.

One important thing to note is that Warzone is going to have armor. Players can grab up to 5 chunks of armor which will protect them from some damage. Naturally, attacking an armored opponent will also mean that the Modern Warfare Warzone time-to-kill will take longer in those scenarios.

You can see the Modern Warfare Warzone time-to-kill in action at 8:52 in the leaked gameplay video below.