Tell Me Why episodes to fix Life is Strange’s worst problem

The release of Tell Me Why episodes is going to fix one of the worst problems gamers had with Life is StrangeDONTNOD Entertainment has come out with some more information on Tell Me Why, and fans will be happy to hear that they’re not going to be looking at long delays.

“As fans of episodic TV shows, we understand that having to wait for that next episode can be an exciting thing but also very frustrating,” said Tell Me Why’s Game Director Florent Guillaume in an interview on the game’s website. “We’re hoping to find the right balance for players: giving them enough time to share their experiences with Tell Me Why with their friends and the community, while also ensuring that that wait does not become frustrating.”

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Players can expect to only wait a few weeks between Tell Me Why episodes instead of several months. The waiting time for episodic games has been a major problem with the medium, and DONTNOD seems keen on getting it right this time around.

“We definitely want the community to have enough time to discuss, speculate, and build on their experiences – in just enough time to enjoy the wait between episodes!” Mr. Guillaume added. “Because of this, we hope fans’ adventures will be greatly improved with a short wait in between each part of Tell Me Why’s story.”

In total, there are expected to be three episodes, each of which will last 2–3 hours. Tell Me Why is expected to arrive sometime in mid-2020.