You can get Watch Dogs free starting next week

You’ll be able to get Watch Dogs free starting next week courtesy of the Epic Games Store. That’s not all that’s coming, though, as the delightfully-weird adventure game The Stanley Parable will also be available alongside Watch Dogs.

The next batch of free games from the Epic Games Store has been revealed. Starting next week, players will be able to pick up Watch Dogs, an open-world adventure game where you can literally hack an entire city. The franchise’s third game Watch Dogs: Legion is expected to arrive later this year, so now’s as good a time as any to play the first one!

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Also arriving is The Stanley Parable, an adventure game that features an extremely sarcastic narrator and mind-bending puzzles. Featuring such oddities as an achievement that requires you not to play the game for five years, The Stanley Parable is not a game to be missed.

For now, though, you have your choice from three other neat titles. What are the free Epic Games Store games right now?

  • Anodyne 2 – Explore dreamlike 3D landscapes as you battle the vicious Nano Dust.
  • A Short Hike – Travel the mountainside of Hawk Peak as an adorable bird.
  • Mutazione – It’s a soap opera but with… mutants? Okay then.

Aside from those great games available right now, you’ll be able to grab The Stanley Parable and Watch Dogs free starting on March 19, 2020, at the Epic Games Store.