New Platinum Games engine will power upcoming original IPs

A new Platinum Games engine will be used to create new original titles by the creator of great games like Nier: Automata and The Wonderful 101. This new “PlatinumEngine” is being tailor-made to create the flashy, high-action titles that Platinum is well-known for.

The creation of the new engine was revealed as part of the company’s “PlatinumFour” effort, their first expansion into self-publishing games. While Platinum has created many fine titles, they’ve all been made with someone else acting as a publisher. Now, the company is cutting out on its own — and it’s going to be used to make the kinds of games they’ve never done before.

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Aside from creating the usual flashy action games that the company is known for, company CTO Wataru Ohmori hints that they’re also going to be exploring new kinds of gameplay — and using the new Platinum Games engine to do it.

“Not many companies build their engines from square one these days. I think the challenge that presents is a valuable opportunity,” he said. “PlatinumGames is known for our action games, but going forward, we’re going to have to try making things we haven’t made before. Those new challenges might be under the broad “action game” umbrella, or they might be something completely different, with some action elements.”