Pokemon Snap meets Neko Atsume in Hello Tokotoko AR game

I had fond memories of Pokemon Snap as a kid. Many years later, I also enjoyed gathering up adorable cats in Neko Atsume. Now, one indie dev has created Hello Tokotoko, an augmented reality game that blends Pokemon Snap and Neko Atsume together into a cool new AR game.

In this upcoming game, players will be tasked with tending to virtual gardens. If you can manage to set things up just right, you’ll attract a bunch of adorable creatures who will come visit your creations. Best of all, this game takes place in augmented reality, so it will seem like they’re right there with you in the real world!

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The developer of this adorable game is also participating in a contest called the Game Cup which can secure them some additional funding.

Hello Tokotoko is competing in the finals of the Game Cup, a huge competition giving funds and partners to a new game,” the developer said on Twitter. “We need your votes to make this game real!”

You can vote for Hello Tokotoko in the Game Cup on Facebook. In the meantime, keep an eye on their Twitter to see when you can play this game!