Sea of Stars, the new RPG from The Messenger team, hits Kickstarter

The Messenger was an indie darling that was respected for its unexpected twist and tight platforming back in August 2018 (or May 2019 on PS4). Now, about a year-and-a-half later, developer Sabotage Studio has announced Sea of Stars, its next coming to “PC and consoles” in 2022. But despite being in the same universe, it’s rather different from The Messenger, as it’s a turn-based RPG that’s also hitting Kickstarter.

The campaign is only asking for $90,760, which is obviously a fraction of the game’s actual budget. When asked about the decision to turn to Kickstarter, CEO and Creative Director Thierry Boulanger said it was to look for interest and validation among the community. He also stated that The Messenger was successful, but not enough to afford failing a project (if it comes to that). The team is also reinvesting what it made on The Messenger into this game as it is a bigger project with twice as many people working on it. You can read more about the game, including more portions of our interview with Boulanger, here.

Sea of Stars, the new RPG from The Messenger team, hits Kickstarter

The trailer showcases the game’s pixel art visual style and RPG roots as well as a light setup for the story that complement its announcement on the spring equinox. You play as Valere and Zale, who are known as Solstice Warriors. These are children born on either the summer or winter solstice that give them solar and lunar powers, respectively. Solstice Warriors are then used to fight evil, which in this case is a sorcerer called The Fleshmancer. Players can choose to play as either character, but the story won’t drastically change depending on your choice, as both are present during gameplay.

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Sea of Stars will be an RPG no matter who you play as. Battles are turn-based and happen right in the world in front of you. Like Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, or even South Park: The Stick of Truth, players will have to pay attention during fights and mash or press certain buttons to attack or defend. These actions, along with the traversal in the overworld, promise to bring forth Sabotage’s signature “micro gameplay loops” that aim to always engage the player. Its RPG systems are also balanced to “flow along with the story,” meaning players won’t have to grind and will just have to think of different approaches and strategies instead.